Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gym Time

Since we are trapped indoors, we visit some local baby playplaces.  First, is one of our favorites, Champion Kids.
Out of everything there, the huge slide, balance beam, baby rollercoaster, trampoline, he wanted to go up and down on this stairway thingy. Really, all it is is a set of three stairs with a rail. 

Here's the gym at a glance. They have a big red cheese just like the blue one that I used to tumble on when I was 3 or so. The blowup slide in the background is huge and sooo much fun!
Here's us at Kangazoom, an indoor bouncy house place. 

He loved walking on these things.
Not sure what to think about the bouncy house.  Of course, I had to get in there with him to make sure he was ok... :)

Very similar to the stuff in the malls.

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