Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do We Have to Pay Royalties For This?

Here are some cute food pictures. Before I had him, I always thought people were gross when they showed pictures of their kids eating. I guess it is one of those things you get over 'cause it doesn't bother me now.

This one is probably doubly gross. I think he is suffering from allergies because his nose is running non-stop.

He now feeds himself peas, blueberries, a small snack foods like Cheerios. We used to use the puffs from Gerber, but we get so many more pieces in the cereal box.

His hands are even stained blue.

Instead of paying royalties, I think Cheerios should pay me for the advertising.

Check out the handful of Cheerios in his grip.

He does pretty well with feeding himself, but the dog loves to clean up after him. When she's outside and realizes he is eating lunch, she barks to come in. This is usually what she does when she comes inside.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Its Only a Matter of Time

Here's a new video for you guys. He now knows he can get to anything and even starts pulling up on things. He's a nut. I love his smiles in this video.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We're Jammin'

It has been a crazy, crazy week.  I love it when that happens.  I think I get myself in trouble when I think too much.

On Sunday, we went to the Sweetwater 420 Festival with some friends. It was a nice afternoon, but we'll probably hit up the Dogwood Festival next year instead.

Here's Amber and Tyler keeping the little guy company.

Art rockin' the backwards cap.  He liked to play in the dirt more than with his toys.

Here are the guys with their brews.

This is what happens now - all day every day.  He pulls up on everything. I keep imagining that he'll just walk off and leave me!
On Wednesday, we went to the Ultimate Playdate at East Cobb park with Erin, Doug, and Quinn.  It has been the perfect week for getting outside.  We brought the dog too because we were supposed to have a showing. 

Quinn is a busy body and he shows me what I get to look forward to with a walker.  Here's Erin and Quinn. 

We hosted a playdate on Friday and had six friends to our house.  Art was fussy during the early part of it, but once I fed him, he got much better.  I think he didn't like other people playing with his toys.  It was funny!

We are so lucky that Quinn has outgrown some of his toys and the Park's haven't had any more additions to their family yet.  They let us borrow some toys!

Here's Art and Joey, one of his fellow Redskins fans!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Forever in Blue Jeans

It is a good thing that I have a digital camera and decide to be the annoying person that takes pictures everywhere and of everything.  Hopefully I'll appreciate myself in a few years. 

Speaking of as a stay at home mom is a thankless job.  Here's to all the moms and dads out there for everything they have done for us.  <3 We are overwhelmed with joy for the love you have shown us. <3

We had a playdate in Atlantic Station on Friday.  There was a good mix of kids there and the company was exciting.

Here's Hudson in his babylegs.  I never knew about these until playdates, but babylegs are kind of like leg warmers for babies.

Ethan, Gavin, Brooke, and Art

It is very entertaining to watch kids play.

This is the first time Art has been surrounded by ladies.  Brooke is on the left and Anne is on the right. (Anne has the cutest GT diaper cover on!)

Laura is Brooke's mom and she was feeding her daughter some puffs.  We finished our lunch, complete with Cheerios, but he crawled over to her as soon as those were opened.  He's like the animals at the petting zoo that won't leave you alone until you feed them. 

I took some pictures the same day I did the crawling video.
What a smile!
Here he is, on the go.  AGAIN!
Here's another one of Art's hats.  We had to break it out because we left the Redskins one in Dad's car. He looks better in burgandy.
At East Cobb Park, they have an event called Ultimate Playdate.  Jay Memory from Memory Dean, a fairly well known band in Atlanta, plays cover music.  On the website, it says kids sing a longs, but he actually plays stuff like U2, Black Crows, and Johnny Cash.  It is a good mix. 

We were in the backyard for a few minutes when Dad got home from work. We have such a pretty fountain, but never really get pictures near it.  Since the house is on the market, we have done a lot of landscaping.  I hope a homebuyer likes it as much as I do! 

We dipped Art's feet in the water. 
I've skipped around, but we're back to Friday.
I went for a run and when Brian got home, we played on the floor. 
Art loves shoelaces. 

He's eating the end of the shoelace or the aglet, for all you trivia buffs.  (trivia... anyone want to babysit so I can go play?)
Here's what happens when you try to outsmart the camera.  I thought the flash was causing a shadow so I turned it off, but the color looks terrible. 

I am the jungle gym once again.

Brian gets all the cute pictures.
Here's a final one to leave you with.
Gigi and Art eating an apple together! I played tennis on Thursday and had the best babysitter.  She did let him taste her apple.  Not a big deal, but I just can't leave them alone together when ice cream or cake is an option.   

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here Are a Few Funny Ones

Here are a few to brighten your day. I like to joke around with Brian during the day and dress him in girly stuff then send him pictures on the BlackBerry.

Here's Art wearing a boa from Rowan's dress up set.

This is what "Artemis" would look like. Again, Rowan's bow.

At the birthday party, Rowan stuck her finger in the decorative icing. We thought it was funny so we had her do it again for a picture. We teach bad habits.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tiny One

He's been on the move for a few days now. We had an open house this weekend and were frantically organizing and cleaning up until we had to leave. Art was awake for the last few minutes of it and decided that he didn't want to be alone. He was crawling around after me saying, "mom mom mom mom mom." It was very cute, but we were going crazy trying to get everything finished up.

Most of our days are spent at home. He likes to climb all over me. He's still a little wobbly so it does take a lot of his strength to do so.
Sneak attack on the dog

He notices the dog and likes to play with her every once in a while.

No, Art is not a blurry baby. (a blurry [kid] roaming the countryside - RIP Mitch Hedberg)

Morgan is really sweet to him. When I was pregnant, I did a few tests on her by pulling her ears, fur, and tail. I have also stood right next to her when she eats so she doesn't get possessive over her food. She passes my annoyance test.

She doesn't know who lurks behind her.
When I was pregnant, we decided that we needed to get new countertops. It was always in our minds, but one day I decided that I couldn't wash my baby in the white metal sink. Odd reason for new countertops, huh?
It wasn't much easier to wash him in here, but he enjoyed the baby size basin. I think we are going to go back to the duck tub. So much for new countertops.

Here's Art and his buddy, Nicolas (feel free to comment with funny captions)

Art getting interested in the camera

I think he's going to skip bottle and sippy cup to go straight to big boy cup. This is not a computer generated photo!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty

Now that Art has been able to roll on his stomach, that is his preferred method for sleep. It is so sweet to watch him sleep and I catch myself checking on him before I go to bed at night. You can see from the pictures that he sleeps flat on his face most of the time.

I lay him on his back, but then he almost immediately flips over to his belly. It doesn't look too comfortable to me.

He'd rather be tucked into a little ball. He'll usually squish himself in the corner of the crib as well.

His bedtime buddy is a small dog that only has stuffing in its head. It is in the right corner of the picture.

When I put him to sleep the other day and then went to check on him 10 minutes later, this is what I found.  This is the first time he stood up on his own so you can imagine how shocked I was.  The bed was lowered that night...

This is what it looked like when he finally went to sleep. Ouch.